Discover the art collection of UiTM by participating in GESTURZ Art Tourism program that offers guided tours session, a talk session on academic and career prospects in creative industry, campus walk-through or taking part in various art demonstration / art workshop activities.

There are many interesting hands-on activities to choose from such batik canting, batik pelangi,  textile weaving, ceramics, pottery, landscape painting, drawing,  product design, photography, digital design, jewelry , print making, basic skills in staging an art exhibition or you could even experience the off-set printing production.

Explore your curiosity, unleash your creativity, and find your passion at GESTURZ Art Tourism program.

By joining this program, schools can benefit much like developing creativity, nurturing talents or adding more values in their student’s art projects.  Whilst, corporate agencies can make it as part of their training activity, to boost-up creativity, possibly spur the innovation and could be best approach to help and assist stress issues at workplace through a therapeutic approach in art. 

To register and find out more about the package kindly contact our curatorial staff.

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