An artwork is acquired for its artistic and academic merits or innovation, as well as what it may reveal or reflect of wider developments in art and society.

At GESTURZ, the artworks are acquired through the Art & Design Collection Development Committee by exercising the acquisition procedures every semester during the final semester assessments organized by the academic departments. The committee will consider at least five best works from each discipline through recommendation by the heads of academic departments or its representatives. .  Before it can be accepted   and registered as the permanent collection or an archive collection, the committee will perform a review procedure to thoroughly confirm that all criteria stipulated in the circular are fulfilled.

It is a great honor to the students whose works of arts have been chosen as the university’s art collection. The Collection is home to extraordinary masterpieces like  Anuar Rashid, Amron Omar, Hashim Hassan, Bayu Utomo Rajikin, Haron Mokhtar,and many more.

GESTURZ is currently holding a comprehensive collection of Art & Design works of our own graduates dating back to late 70’s up to now.  The artworks are categorized in various media with different multi-disciplines such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, jewelry, photography, metal works, fashion, textile, and more.  All information relating to collection can be accessed through the iAM-S (Integrated Art Management System) an online application developed by GESTURZ and the Department of Infostructure.

The permanent collection primarily supports teaching, research and learning in art, design, culture, heritage, creative industry, curatorial management and studies.

Please click below picture, to access the iAM-S application.