University Art Collections

The Permanent Collection

Comprising various media including painting, print, sculpture, fashion, and textiles, the Permanent Collection features artworks produced by students in the final year of the Art & Design programmes, who have since become ITM/UiTM alumni.

Among the works registered in the Permanent category of the UiTM Art Collections are shown in the visuals below.

The Commercial Collection

The Commercial Collection comprises arts and creative products produced by UiTM students, lecturers, and alumni. Under the label "Proudly Made in UiTM",  these creative pieces are acquired on consignment for commercialisation. This initiative not only fosters entrepreneurial activities on campus but also simultaneously promotes these arts and creative products to government agencies, corporate organisations, and the public.


The Archive Collection

The Archive Collection stores design works in digital formats, encompassing graphic design, packaging, products, and more. Due to space limitations and the specialised expertise required for preserving sensitive materials, these works are recorded into the University Art Collections Management System or known as iAMS. This system serves as a valuable resource for students, educators, and researchers, enabling them to explore design trends from different eras all in one place.

The Budiman Collection

The Budiman Collection stands as an Art WAQAF Philanthropic endeavour, embodying a symbolic meaning of nobility and respect. This collection reflects the deep involvement of participating patrons and pays high recognition to the artists and their artworks. Patrons play a crucial role by pledging and submitting the finest artworks, curated to meet the stringent criteria and guidelines of acquisition. These include considerations such as quality, preservation, eco-conscious materials, market values, suitability, sensitivity, cultural and heritage significance, and pedagogical values. Nominated pieces must also exhibit scholarly aesthetics, academic merit, and be rooted in ethical research and innovation, ensuring the Budiman Collection stands as a distinguished University Art Collections.

Among the works registered in the Budiman category of the UiTM Art Collections are shown in the visuals below.


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